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What's Important to Us 



Customer Satisfaction  

We believe that customer service should not just be a department within our company. It should be the entire company. We know that each customer has their own set of needs. Which is why we like to try and assign the same drivers to the same customers.  We find that this builds strong customer relationships, and the employees take pride in the accounts that they help to handle. Each account is also watched over by a supervisor to ensure that the customer's needs are not only being met but are exceeded!


Our Employees 

We know that we are nothing without our employees. Which is why we strive to prioritize employees needs and build a safe working environment. A thorough driving record check, road test, and clearing house examination are done after the initial interview. We select employees who are enthusiastic about their careers, believe in treating the customers and our equipment with respect, and want to grow with the company. 


Goal setting 

It is our belief that goal setting is the fuel in the furnace of achievement. Whether it be employee incentives and benefits, equipment enhancement, financial achievements, or customer growth. We never want to stop striving to grow and improve as a company. 

About Us

M&R Transportation LLC was founded in 2003 by Daniel Nodell and Robert Cheetham. We are a proud family owned and operated business, passionate about providing our customers with professional and reliable services. We also offer a safe working environment to our staff who ultimately become like part of our family. 


Meet The Management Team

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