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See what’s happening at M&R 

If you see our trucks on the road, send pictures to our email: 



Did you know we maintain our own equipment? We have our own garage which helps to keep our equipment maintained and serviced! 


We have upgraded 

New to the M&R Transportation fleet are these two-twin leased 2023 Kenworth T680 tractors! These tractors are fully equipped with the latest and greatest safety features and have good fuel efficiency. We hope to continue to add new lease tractors to our fleet in the coming years. 

Our Good deeds go Beyond the Truck 

Yard Jockeys Carmelo and Roberto recently helped a goose trapped in wire while working in Holyoke, MA. 


We do more than the average trucking company !

We recently helped one of our clients by running their scale, and month end inventory operations for them. 

If you’re in need of this service too let one of our trained professionals, come help your company! 

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